Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grace's 10th Birthday

This year for her birthday the only rules Grace had was NO PINK! She has decided that she hates pink. What do we do for a girl on her birthday when she wants nothing do do with the girliest color ever?
A six layer rainbow cake with enough icing to send even Uncle Aaron into sugar shock!

It was a fun cake to make. The boys had a blast watching each layer change color while I was mixing it up.
Holy Cake Batman!

Grace liked it!
Present time, the usual girly stuff, clothes, some webkinz dolls so she can have a virtual pet as well as a real one!
She had a great day and the family had fun eating cake and ice cream!
Happy Birthday Grace.
We Love You!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liam's 6th Birthday

Wow! I can't believe that Liam is already 6 years old. It seems like yesterday when I brought him home from the hospital. He was my bald little monster who was always laughing... he still is!
Now the big guy is 6, almost done with kindergarten and heading off to first grade and all day school.
He wanted a monkey cake. Once he saw the monkey pan at the store he would have nothing else.
For his party he had his cousins, Ashley, Austin, Andrew and Abbie. Uncle Aaron and Aunt Amy too. Grandma was there of course and Kim Ure his primary president and his friend. When Kim comes over he is always on her lap.

Happy Birthday Liam.
We Love You!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girl's Night/Day Out

Friday night Sean took the boys and went down to his parents house for the night. This left Grace and I on our own. Oh my, what are two girls to do without the boys hanging around?
Go out of course!
First stop?

Grace was able to order off the regular menu. She was excited to get a regular sized drink and not have to have a kid's cup.
After dinner we had some errands to run. Dad needs a Christmas present so off to Kohl's we go. Shoe department. Grace was very adamant on the fact that I was choosing old man shoes for Dad. I thought they were trendy. We shall see what Dad thinks when he opens his gift. Treats from Lee's and we were home snugged in Mom and Dad's big bed watching
Ramona and Beezus

It was actually a really good movie. Made me think of when I was a kid and read the books over and over again. I fell asleep before Grace did and I have no idea what she watched after I zonked.
Saturday we woke up at our pleasure and got dressed. The deal was I would wear whatever Grace picked for me and she would wear what I chose for her. I didn't get any pics but we both looked cute.
Today was the day we have been waiting for. We were going to the expensive movie theater and were going to watch,

The new Disney movie.
It was an awesome movie. I highly recommend it to anyone. Boys and girls.
It was a great girl's weekend. Grace and I had fun together and I don't think we missed the boys even once!
Thanks for hanging out with me Grace. I love you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Right Foot

On our wedding anniversary this year, our 16th actually, I decided to finally have the bunion removed from my right foot. It had become painful and I couldn't wear sneakers without a lot of pain.Beautiful ain't it!?!
The time came and Sean and I went to the hospital. I got knocked out and this is what it looked like when I woke up.
All wrapped up in layers of gauze and a big black boot, which we dubbed, das Boot. I left it on for a full week until I had my first doctor's appointment. In the mean time I was learning how to use crutches. I have to say, it isn't easy. When you are playing with crutches you know if you trip you can land on your foot but when you can't use that foot, it is really, really hard.
Here is my foot in all of it's lovelyness at the one week appointment. I know it is gross and you don't want to see it so just scroll down really fast and get past it. It was so swollen that my ankle was gone. Those are the doctor's initials on my ankle. Didn't want to operate on the wrong foot!

The weeks went by and my foot got better and better. Sean had to do all of the chores. I think laundry was his favorite. I couldn't even go into the basement so he was stuck doing all of that. He got the joy of grocery shopping, and dishes too. He got to be the taxi driver too.
Thanks Sean!
Here is my foot now. The scar will fade with time and I am still working on strengthening my ankle. Having that boot on and not walking on the foot for 6 weeks made my calf look like a 12 year old's leg. Very wimpy.
Here is the whopper. The reason for the long scar is that the bones in my foot that are my big toe had swung out so far that they had to break my foot and fuse the bone where it is supposed to be. This way I won't get another bunion in another 10 years. This is why I couldn't walk on it for 6 weeks. They put in some hardware. I wonder if I will beep when going through security! That could be fun.

Now you know the story of The Foot, and Das Boot! Thanks to all who helped us out with driving the kids, and bringing us food.
You all rock!