Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack-O-Lanterns and a Trip to Church

Here is this years newest model of Jack-O-Lanterns. Comes with hair, eyes, a nose, the only thing it is lacking is teeth!!
We walked to church for probably the last time this season and I thought Liam and Simon were so cute I had to snap a shot of the trip!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Canning and Coupons

There are 2 things I like to do with my time. Well, other than taking care of my family that is. I love to can and to coupon collect.

The canning is out of necessity and the fact that we have grapes, apples that come in every year and cherries and apricots that come when they feel like it. The apricots when the wind is right and it can cross pollinate with the other trees in the neighborhood and the cherry trees were topped off when the city needed to make room for wires. I don't think it did them much good to be topped off. I am hoping for more next year.

Anyhow, back to the subject. I can the apples for pie, juice and applesauce. The cherries for pie, and the apricots I made into jam. I am finally done.

I love to go into the basement and see all the pretty jars lined up on the shelf.

The other thing I love to do is couponing. It saves us tons of money and being the organizational Martha Stewart freak that I am I love the looking up, making of the list, finding the right coupon packet and the cutting. Granted going to the store with 2 crazy boys is not my favorite thing to do but getting my food storage up and seeing the savings on my receipt is well worth it. I have to say my favorite is when Smith's paid me 75 cents to take 6 boxes of cereal bars. The free cereal was good too. It is very satisfying to be able to save our family money by clipping coupons.

I am glad canning season is done for a while. My kitchen was sick of being sticky all the time. The end result is wonderful and I am happy to be able to stock up.

Monday, October 6, 2008

LDS Temple in Rome

Those of you who know me know that I love all things Italy. I love the food, the language (even though I don't speak it...yet), and I really want to visit there.

Anyhoo, Saturday in General Conference it was announced that the church is building a temple in Rome. It is still in the planning stages so there isn't a picture or anything yet, as soon as there is I will get it up here asap.
Sean went there on his mission and still speaks italian fluently. The church building a temple there makes me want to go even more. My goal in the next few years is to learn the language and be able to go through an italian speaking session. Somewhat lofty but with the help of Rosetta Stone language system (I hope!!) I will be on my way!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back to School

I know! I know! School has been back in session for a month but I am new at this blogging thing so this is where I am starting and I will try my dangest to stay up to date.
School started on my and Sean's anniversary. Woo Hoo Happy Anniversary to us. (14 years by the way)

Patrick started the 6th grade in middle school and I think I was more nervous than he was. We live about 3 blocks from the elementary school so he always walked but this year he got to ride the bus. He is loving it so far.

Grace is now in 2nd grade and is a great reader. She is hard to get up in the morning but once she is up and ready to go she is excited to go. She thinks she is big stuff because Mom lets her walk home alone sometimes.

Liam and Simon are the same crazy boys. Their latest escapade was a giant jawbreaker. Big brother got one so they had to too. It was blue. Need I say more? I don't think I got a shot of Liam (he is very neat) but check out Simon. More than just the blue, look at the gleam in his eyes. Now you know what I am dealing with. Simon is a magpie and repeats everything you say, and I do mean everything. I have gotten into some trouble with that. I think Mom needs to watch her mouth!!!
Liam is train mad. Anything having to do with trains Thomas the Tank Engine or not if it goes on a track he loves it.
Both boys are obsessed with the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. They sing along.
So that was my first blog entry. I hope it is all a blog should be and more. I will do more after Halloween. I love seeing all y'alls blogs and hope you will enjoy mine.