Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let's go Jazz!!

Last Wednesday Sean's parents invited all of their children and their spouses to join them in the Zion's Bank suite at the Energy Solutions Arena to watch the Jazz play the Portland Trailblazers. Sean and I finally got to have a night out without kids. It was great. We got dinner, and time to hang out with all the Heiners.

I haven't gotten in the habit of carrying my camera everywhere yet. You never know when a blog moment will hit you, ya know! I have to thank Brandy for remembering her camera and sharing with me. Thanks Brandy.
Forgot to tell you... The Jazz won. Can't remember the score, but they won. (I like to watch just not that great on the remembering the scores or stats, sorry.)

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The Heiners said...

Looks great, Vick. It was sure nice to spend time with you twice this week. Always a joy to see you!