Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Little Brothers Band

Today Liam and Simon came to me and asked for some pans and spoons. I had no idea what they wanted them for. I followed them into the living room where they proceeded to lay them out and beat them vigorously. They were so cute I had to capture it on "film".

Their first jam session!

Go Liam! Go Simon!

A party wouldn't be a party if Simon didn't pull a Godzilla and stomp on the instruments.

To say the least they had lots of fun and are now napping. Of course there are tons of pans for Mom to clean up, but that is ok with me!

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Brandy said...

How fun! I'm happy that Mason isn't the only Godzilla in the family. My mom is always so good to get out all her tupperware for Mason to play with. Fun is fun, I suppose, even if you have a zillion dishes.