Friday, November 7, 2008

The Title

People have asked me, Why barnyard tales? To be honest I really have no idea. The day I started this blog I had been cleaning all day and cursing my kids cause the house was such a mess. Odds are I was mumbling to myself "What do they think this is? A barnyard?" I mumble when I am annoyed. It is better than swearing which I am trying not to do. (With little success!) Anyhoo, I finally got to sit down and so something that I wanted to do and noticed that my sister-in-law Amy had just started a blog. Well, hers combined with Brandy's (another sister-in-law) I figured I could start one too. We have tons of pictures that just sit around in the computer and we have family and friends that live out of state so I started one. The title was based on my mood for that day. While thinking of one I looked around the room, which is our bedroom and is always cluttered with various sundry, and mumbled to myself again, "Man, this is a barnyard!"
So there you have it. Barnyard Tales. Tales of what happens in my own personal barnyard. I love my barnyard and the animals that live in it. I would still change the title if I could but I can't so it is growing on me.
So, I invite you to visit our barnyard and enjoy our tales. Leave your comments and just enjoy yourselves.

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