Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Concerts

It is that time of year! Patrick and Grace both have had concerts. Grace had 2 choir concerts with the Cache Children's Choir, and Patrick had his band concert at school.
Grace had her first one out at the American West Heritage Center. It was relaxed and fun. She got to sing, then we went on a horse and wagon ride, wassail, hand pulled candy canes, and gingersnaps. We pet the animals and all the good stuff you do at a historic farm. Luckily it wasn't too cold yet!She really likes choir but told me she gets stage fright and can't smile. I suggested that she imagine everyone in their underwear. She smiles a lot more now!
Later she had her regular concert. It was at the Kent Concert Hall on the USU campus. This concert included all the different classes. Grace is in the Cadet choir. That includes 2nd and 3rd graders. That is Grace in the front row third from the right.
Patrick plays in the percussion section of the 6th grade band. That means that he is in the back, and is practically impossible to see. Actually, last night he was impossible to see. The best I got was his ear.If you look in the center in between the rows, that black dot that looks like someone shoulder... that is Patrick!!! He did really well.
We are very proud of both of the kids. They both work hard and are doing great in their extracurricular activities.
I have discovered that my camera is not a good one. It is great for outdoor shots but indoor are really bad. I am working on getting a better one, so bear with my poor pics. If you have any suggestions for a really good camera let me know!

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LeAnn said...

Yay Patrick and Grace! Great job!!! I wish I could be there to hear them share their talent.

Speaking of talent, try typing this word verification three times fast: pungynyi