Monday, December 1, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Every year on the first Monday in December we put up the Christmas tree. Here is a little background on our tree. When we lived in Phoenix, AZ. real Christmas trees were close to $100, of course we couldn't afford that, so we went to Target and there was this little plastic put it together yourself job for $15. We bought it and have had it ever since. Patrick was about 2 at the time. Sean informed me tonight that when Patrick turns 14 we will have paid a dollar a year and that it has been well worth it. OK, whatever! It is a longstanding joke between the two of us that our opinions on that tree differ. I think it adds variety to our marriage. If I agree with him on everything then where would we be I ask???

This is the first year that Simon really gets what is going on. He helped put the ornaments on, and put the snowflake on the top. It is fun to watch him. Of course he likes to fiddle with it now and I have to tell him to leave it alone, but that is OK, I like the fact that he and Liam love the tree.

It is strange really how I can hate a tree for the way it looks and yet love it for how it brings us all together, whether to joke, or to decorate, or to even argue about where a certain ornament goes. I think we will keep this puny tree for a while longer just for the heck of it!!


Nat said...

way to go, getting all sentimental on me...(sniff, sniff)

LeAnn said...

Tradition! I love your puney little tree. Our first Christmas tree (also in Phoenix) was green construction paper strips taped to our living room wall in the shape of a tree. Oh the memories!

When we moved to N. Logan (from Pheonix) the movers slit two spots on my sofa when they were cutting off the plastic wrap. We claimed it on our insurance and ended up getting some money. With that money we went and bought ourselves an artificial tree. We paid more than $15 for it though.

Merry Christmas!!!