Sunday, January 4, 2009

He Broke It!

Well Simon finally did it. Somehow that kid has had the ability to find my camera no matter where I put it. One minute it is up where I think he can't reach it and the next he is bringing it to me wanting his picture taken. On Friday he brought it to me and he had tried to push in the lens. Needless to say he broke it. Can't say I am too broken hearted, it wasn't the best camera in the world. The picture color always was just a little off. So now I am looking for a new camera. Any suggestions? I am hoping to be able to spend, at the most, $250.00.

I hope I can get one soon, but until then I will just describe in vivid detail here on this page everything that is going on at the Heiner house. Just what you wanted right??? ;)


Brandy said...

Hey, Vick. Sorry to hear about your camera. Best Buy has the Canon Elph SD880IS on sale for $285. That's what Josh and I just ordered to replace ours that the flash smokes on. They actually have one in stock at the Logan store (the only one, I might add!). Ours is being shipped. It came to $310 total. That's a little over what you said, but it's a great point and shoot camera.

AHebdon said...

Yeah, at least you get to get rid of that piece of junk with an excuse :). Maybe I should leave mine out where the kids can find it. Just kidding. If you find a good one let me know I really want to save this year for a better camera, every other picture I take lately is fuzzy.

LeAnn said...

So, Vicky, how much money did you have to slip the kid to "break" the camera? tee hee hee

Good luck finding a new one. We just have a Sony Cybershot. It works pretty well but I think you'll be able to get something much nicer for the money you want to spend.