Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liam's 4th Birthday

Yesterday was Liam's 4th birthday. He is very into numbers and letters now so he went around for about a week chanting the alphabet and the fact that he was going to be 4.

The Heiner family has family dinner every month so we celebrated his day last Saturday with the available Heiners.
His aliens had their pods and neon green frosting. He thought they were cool and had fun eating them.
Liam found it extremely funny to try to bite the head off of his alien.

Since the Heiners live an hour away and the Whiteheads live here in town... well most of them, we always have a second party on the actual birthday with another cake and that is when Liam opened his presents.

The purple aliens!

Liam helping me decorate.

We had a great night and had great fun with our family and the new toys that Liam recieves. He got his Geo Trax airport, a Wack-a-Mole game from his grandma, and playdough from his Uncle, Aunt, and cousins. Needless to say it was a late night and the boys crashed and slept in the next day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grind your bones to make my bread.

Yesterday in church a member of our bishopric gave a talk about self-reliance. The whole time he was talking I was thinking about how I have 2 buckets of wheat in my basement, a wheat grinder and the ability to make bread. Why am I paying $1.00 to $1.50 for a loaf of bread? I could make my own and freeze it

Today the kids didn't have school so we decided to make some bread. We started from scratch. Even the flour!
We started out with this:
After lots of hand grinding, mostly on Patrick's part,

we got this:

wheat flour!!

It was killing the kids to have to wait for it to rise.

But it was well worth it when you end up with:

I haven't perfect even loaves yet but I am working on it. Besides if you get a dud you get to eat it right away to hide the evidence. Right?
When you get a good loaf you get to make something like:

A ham and cheese sandwich with pickles and lettuce on wheat. MMMMM!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

13th Ward Valentine's Dance

Heidi this one is for you!!

On Tuesday night we had a Valentine's Day Dance at the church house. There were games.

Twister rules!!

There was dancing!

Amber and her kids.

Lynn Hobbs doing the chicken dance!!

Sean giving Grace a dip.

What would a party be without the food? Well actually I didn't get a picture of the food but I did get a few picture of people eating the food!

Todd eating a chocolate sucker.

Kyle eating cake!

Valentine's Day is about love so I did manage to catch a few loves, and a few friends just having fun together.
Don't ask.

Robert and Calista Burbank

Todd and Justin hangin'.

Heidi, here are some of your girlfriends so you don't forget us!!

Sally B.

Kim and Shelia

Me in all my curly glory.

We miss you chickadee and look forward to seeing you this summer. Keep up your blogging and send pictures to us too. Hope you enjoy these pictures, and we all love you tons!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cupcake Mania

I found this really great book called Hello, Cupcake!

It had tons of really cute ideas. My kids have all chosen their cupcakes for their birthdays. It should be an eventful year. I will be sure to blog my results. The only problem I am having is finding black chocolate covered sunflower kernels, without paying for 5 pounds at a time, and finding the ice cream containers for the aliens, again without buying an entire case. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Since Valentine's Day is coming I decided to use their idea for the Ward Valentine's Dance. It is supposed to look like a box of chocolates.

I don't really know if I succeeded, you will have to tell me. I have found that when I do the work I am critical and notice all of the mistakes rather then the overall beauty.

Enjoy the Cupcakes!!

Liam and Simon Twins?

I get asked daily if Liam and Simon are twins. Of course they aren't but they look enough alike that people have to ask. I find myself treating them like twins alot of the time. They share clothes whenever possible, and for a while had matching coats. Yesterday we got back from the store and they had fallen asleep in the car. When I opened the door they look so much alike, same features, their head turned the same way, even the same leg pulled up. The peace of them both being asleep at the same time very, very rarely happens so I had a nice afternoon with no kids squaking at me.

Today Liam and Simon wanted to put gel in their hair like dad does. All started out with the fauxhawk, but when it was time for Liam to go to storytime at the library he didn't want it anymore. He flattened his out. Simon has had his all day and even had to get a refresher gel application. Once Liam saw this he got another and I think he is still running around with his hawk.

The Boys!!!

Their new game this week is to take all the blankets and pillows off of my bed and use it for various games. One is jumping. Another is to burrow under the fitted sheet and pretend to be hiding. They get in trouble for this one because once they ripped the sheet.

So, they are the youngest of the brood and I find they have the run of the house and me way too much but so is the way of the world. I love the little bugs and just have to remember that they are going to get older and probably won't like me taking pictures and making them smile for me but I will enjoy it while it lasts!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

On a Sunday Afternoon

Now that we have church at 9am instead of 1:30pm, we have the whole afternoon to hang out, take naps, play video games, fight. Tonight all of us were in the living room at the same time and no one was bickering with anyone else so it was a good time to get out the camera and snap a few shots.
My mom is living with us for a while. She just moved back up to Logan and her new apartment isn't ready yet.

I sort of got a nap but being the mom it never works out that great. Now I am awake and will probably be up late tonight.
It is great to be able to hang out with the family and take pics and have everyone happy.
I love Sunday afternoons.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Time for Haircuts

I finally got my new camera in the mail and I am now trying it out. I think I have gone a little wacky because I catch myself taking pictures of everything. Thank goodness for digital, you can erase the bad shots.

For my first entry with the new camera let's talk hair.

Today Grace and I went to get haircuts. She was super excited because she got to leave school early.

Here are our before pictures.

Most of the appeal of going to the hair dresser is being pampered. I love having my hair washed. Brianna gives the best shampoos. You get the whole head massage. It is heaven... pure heaven.

Here are our after pictures.

The pictures of me I took myself. I think the before one is even in the mirror. No other able body was home to take pictures. Man I really can't wait for my contacts. I miss them!

P.S. Don't you just love Grace's toothless smile in the top pic??!! I do.