Thursday, February 12, 2009

13th Ward Valentine's Dance

Heidi this one is for you!!

On Tuesday night we had a Valentine's Day Dance at the church house. There were games.

Twister rules!!

There was dancing!

Amber and her kids.

Lynn Hobbs doing the chicken dance!!

Sean giving Grace a dip.

What would a party be without the food? Well actually I didn't get a picture of the food but I did get a few picture of people eating the food!

Todd eating a chocolate sucker.

Kyle eating cake!

Valentine's Day is about love so I did manage to catch a few loves, and a few friends just having fun together.
Don't ask.

Robert and Calista Burbank

Todd and Justin hangin'.

Heidi, here are some of your girlfriends so you don't forget us!!

Sally B.

Kim and Shelia

Me in all my curly glory.

We miss you chickadee and look forward to seeing you this summer. Keep up your blogging and send pictures to us too. Hope you enjoy these pictures, and we all love you tons!!


Heidi said...

Thank you so much! I told you it would make me cry. Tell everybody I love them and miss them.

AHebdon said...

Thanks for posting a picture of my butt!!! :)