Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liam and Simon Twins?

I get asked daily if Liam and Simon are twins. Of course they aren't but they look enough alike that people have to ask. I find myself treating them like twins alot of the time. They share clothes whenever possible, and for a while had matching coats. Yesterday we got back from the store and they had fallen asleep in the car. When I opened the door they look so much alike, same features, their head turned the same way, even the same leg pulled up. The peace of them both being asleep at the same time very, very rarely happens so I had a nice afternoon with no kids squaking at me.

Today Liam and Simon wanted to put gel in their hair like dad does. All started out with the fauxhawk, but when it was time for Liam to go to storytime at the library he didn't want it anymore. He flattened his out. Simon has had his all day and even had to get a refresher gel application. Once Liam saw this he got another and I think he is still running around with his hawk.

The Boys!!!

Their new game this week is to take all the blankets and pillows off of my bed and use it for various games. One is jumping. Another is to burrow under the fitted sheet and pretend to be hiding. They get in trouble for this one because once they ripped the sheet.

So, they are the youngest of the brood and I find they have the run of the house and me way too much but so is the way of the world. I love the little bugs and just have to remember that they are going to get older and probably won't like me taking pictures and making them smile for me but I will enjoy it while it lasts!!

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Heidi said...

People are always asking if my girls are twins too because they are so close in size and I love to dress them matching.