Monday, February 2, 2009

Time for Haircuts

I finally got my new camera in the mail and I am now trying it out. I think I have gone a little wacky because I catch myself taking pictures of everything. Thank goodness for digital, you can erase the bad shots.

For my first entry with the new camera let's talk hair.

Today Grace and I went to get haircuts. She was super excited because she got to leave school early.

Here are our before pictures.

Most of the appeal of going to the hair dresser is being pampered. I love having my hair washed. Brianna gives the best shampoos. You get the whole head massage. It is heaven... pure heaven.

Here are our after pictures.

The pictures of me I took myself. I think the before one is even in the mirror. No other able body was home to take pictures. Man I really can't wait for my contacts. I miss them!

P.S. Don't you just love Grace's toothless smile in the top pic??!! I do.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

loooove your new do!

Fun Family Times said...

I love your new hairdo, it looks great on you!

Brandy said...

You both look fantastic! I love the head massage too. There's just something so relaxing about the warm water and suds. Glad you finally got your hair cut, so you could feel better.

LeAnn said...

Nothing like a great haircut to lift the spirits. I get my hair cut by a gal in our ward. She doesn't have a sink and I really miss that part about it. You both look great!!!