Friday, March 27, 2009

Patrick's Band Spring Concert

Last night was Patrick's spring concert. They had the 6th through 8th grade bands play. Patrick, as you all know is in the percussion section. During his last concert he was hidden the whole time and I couldn't get a good picture. That didn' t stop me from blogging it of course but this time we had a prime spot and I have a better camera.

We had to get there a half an hour early so that he could warm up and so we could get a decent seat. We all just hung out and Patrick got to come up to us for a visit and I think a little nerve calming chat with his dad.

He was on the timpani drums for most of the time so he wasn't hidden. The percussion section did a solo and thank goodness the band teacher got out of the way or we wouldn't have been able to see him again.

It was a great night and everyone enjoyed the music. And just for ole time sake here is one of the top of Patrick's head!

Go Mount Logan Middle School 6th Grade Band!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Drummer Boys

Tuesday night our ward held their annual talent show and pie auction. The youth put it on in order to earn money for the various camps that they go to over the summer. This year Patrick is turning 12 so he got to participate. He and Sean played a drum duet. Sean wrote it and they practiced for a few months.

They auctioned off the pies and the young men and women auctioned off service. Patrick auctioned 2 lawn mowings. I bought them. It was rather funny. Now he has to mow the one lawn that he really didn't want to mow.

It was a great night and the kids made some good money. I am proud of Patrick for getting up in front of people and performing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Living Room Part 1

Since we moved into our house 5 years ago I have wanted to tear out the fireplace. Both Grace and Simon have hit their head on the mantle and had to go to the emergency room. Last week one of the boys bumped into it again. They didn't hurt themselves (we padded the edge with a soft edge) and they kept bringing me loose stones saying, "Mom, this fell off." Finally it was enough to put my butt into gear so I took out the whole wall.
I didn't remember to get the camera out until I had already gone TWANDA! on the thing but I did manage to find a really old Christmas picture that has it in it.

It was very self-satisfying to say the least. I enjoyed taking the sledgehammer, hitting the stone and watching the stone and mortar just fall off.

There was a bench on the side that had newspapers in it and various things that the kids liked to hide. That was the first to go. Once I got to the bottom of the newspapers there were some interesting things. A funny page from 1958, a 38 cent package for eyeliner. I want to pay 38 cents for eyeliner! Oh, yeah there was stinky mold too. Joy of joys.

When Patrick got home he got in the spirit and he and his friend
John tore down the paneling and drywall underneath. They willingly tore it down but when I said that clean up was part of the job you would have thought I was speaking Chinese. Yeah, I did the clean up. Patrick did help with the stone!!

When Sean got home he didn't say a word. I didn't really know if he was so angry he couldn't speak or if he just had nothing to say. By the next morning he got in on the action. He decided to put more plugs in and update the wiring. He really should be thanking me ;)

I will blog more pictures and info as we make progress. Hopefully this isn't more than a 3 parter but if it is I will drag all of you who read this along with me!!
I Love Construction!!!!