Friday, March 27, 2009

Patrick's Band Spring Concert

Last night was Patrick's spring concert. They had the 6th through 8th grade bands play. Patrick, as you all know is in the percussion section. During his last concert he was hidden the whole time and I couldn't get a good picture. That didn' t stop me from blogging it of course but this time we had a prime spot and I have a better camera.

We had to get there a half an hour early so that he could warm up and so we could get a decent seat. We all just hung out and Patrick got to come up to us for a visit and I think a little nerve calming chat with his dad.

He was on the timpani drums for most of the time so he wasn't hidden. The percussion section did a solo and thank goodness the band teacher got out of the way or we wouldn't have been able to see him again.

It was a great night and everyone enjoyed the music. And just for ole time sake here is one of the top of Patrick's head!

Go Mount Logan Middle School 6th Grade Band!!!