Monday, April 20, 2009

Rites of Passage

At our house a lot happens when you turn 8. For girls there are 3.

Number 1:
You get to get your ears pierced.

Number 2:

In the state of Utah your children have to be in a carseat or booster until they are eight years old. Well, turning 8 means you get to get rid of the evil booster chair and sit on the regular seat like the big kids. Grace got to throw away her booster seat. It was an event.

You get to get baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Grace is getting baptized on May 2nd. She get to share the day with her cousin Austin. It is going to be a great day and I will have tons of pictures and stories to share. A blog unto itself!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grace's 8th Birthday

Today, the 15th, is Grace's birthday. We had her parties early due to soccer games. I don't think she particularly cares because, really who get upset when they get to celebrate EARLY?
On Saturday we got together with Sean's family and celebrated Easter and Grace's birthday. I attempted to make this cake,
Well, that fell flat. My yellow version kind of fell in on itself. We got this:

it fell over, the flowers fell off and the bottom buckled. I totally admit I am an amateur cake decorator. I didn't want Grace to do without so I made her a batch of cupcakes.

Last night my brother and his family came over for cake and ice cream. Our kids got to run around with their cousins, teased by their Uncle Aaron, and kissed by their Aunt Amy.

At our house big birthday parties, with school friends only happen on significant birthdays, 5th, 8th, 12th. With 4 kids it is impossible to pay for big parties every year. This year Grace got a big party. She chose to have it at the Cache Valley Fun Park. There was pizza, cake, rollerskating and soft play. She and all her friends from school had a blast.

She got a bike from us since her last one kind of died a slow death. Due to the weather she didn't get to ride it for a few days but finally she got to get on and go. After her party on Saturday she got a fever and had it all evening Saturday and most of Sunday. She is feeling better and hopefully we can slow down a little and just chill!!
Happy 8th Birthday Grace!


Easter Sunday at our house is always chaos. We have 9 o'clock church and Sean always has meetings so even the thought of getting pictures was not there. I don't ever dress up the boys in new clothes but Grace looked really cute in her new pink polka dotted dress.
The day before was Heiner Family Dinner. Sean's sister Emily provided the house, and his sister Mandy provided the eggs and candy. We let the kids out with their bags and let them have at it.

Everyone got the proper massive amount of chocolate and by Sunday afternoon were sufficiently in a coma.
Easter Sunday was great, we had a fulfilling church service, chocolate, roast for dinner.
It was a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

This year we just stayed home. Sean had to work and really who want to go away on a trip without Dad? Not Mom!!

Of course that didn't stop us from having adventures.

Patrick, being the almost teen that he is hung out with his friends. The only thing he stayed home for was to practice his drums. He even brought in a friend with an electric guitar. I am now thinking when we finish the basement we should soundproof it too.

Grace went to her friend Hallie's birthday party. It was a nerd party. Imagine a bunch of 8 year old girls trying to dress like nerds. It was very funny. I thought she was cute but she assures me that she was very nerdy!

Liam and Simon were very quite one afternoon. That is never a good sign. I walked into the kitchen to find this... They had taken the labels off of the water bottles and with the sticky ends entertained themselves.
They were also rolling them to one another. Those two are like a whirlwind. They can cause havoc when you turn your back! Gotta love em'.

On Thursday we had a lunch with some old friends celebrating a birthday. I really wanted to try out making cake pops. They are harder than the blogger where I got the recipe made them sound. Trial and error I suppose. They will be easier next time.
I made Easter chicks. I attempted to make sheep. You can't tell they are sheep but hey, I tried.

Patrick had fun decorating the chicks with the edible markers.

My attempt at sheep. I have to admit the chicks were cute.

We topped off our week by getting our new wagon. Every year Sean's parents give us Lagoon season passes. We have been using our red double stroller but the wheels have been warn down to the spokes so we decided rather than pay 14 dollars every time we visit Lagoon this year we would invest in a fun wagon. They call this a KUV. Kids Utility Vehicle! It is great.

So, we didn't venture to far off lands, or even out of the valley but we still had fun and everyone is happy.