Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simon's 3rd Birthday

I realized that I haven't blogged Simon's 3rd birthday. Poor neglected kid!

Every time I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he would say an airplane cake. It didn't matter what it looked like, just an airplane cake. He loved it!

Present time!

Big boy underwear. Time to learn how to use the "potty"!!!

Magnet quiet games for church time!

Airplanes of course!

It was a great day and Simon had fun with his new toys and his all of his cousins.
Happy Birthday Simon!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

So Father's Day has come and gone and I haven't blogged in forever so I thought I better get my but in gear!!

We went to church of course and Sean actually got to join us. His calling requires him to visit different wards and some Sundays he is gone to visit. This Sunday he was there, sitting in our pew, doling out bubble gum, making sure Simon didn't throw anything outside our row. (It has happened!!) Church is always great when he is there and on Father's Day he got to be there.

When we got home it was PRESENT TIME! The best part of any holiday. The kids couldn't handle it anymore. He was bombarded with kids the second he walked in the door. They didn't even want to let him get out of his dress clothes. He got a weed wacker. He knew this already because we have had the big box wrapped and sitting in the living room half of the week. When he came home for lunch the day it appeared he asked Liam if it was to play with or work with. Liam promptly answered, "It's a weed wacker, Dad!!" Sean thought that was funny and told me now he knows how to find out lots of stuff. Liam's new mafia name is now Liam The Mouth Heiner. Of course I had forgotten to take a picture of Sean with his new toy but hey, I have an idea for a blog entry all it's own!

Once present time was done we decide to walk to the park. We loaded up the wagon with blankets, drinks, books, the camera, and Simon. Patrick had his skateboard and Grace and Liam had their bikes. To Ryan's Place Park we went.

Grace got banged up on the way. She crashed on her bike just as we got to the park. Her knee was scraped but being the trooper she is she got right back up and went to play. I love this picture of her flying on the monkey bars.

Simon and Liam soon figured out the misting stations. They decided to go and get wet. You wouldn't think a misting would get you so wet but they proved that you can do it.

Sean and I did get to just sit on a bench and watch the kids. I was nice to sit and chat, we don't get to do that very often these days. Everyone is busy running around.

Patrick even got some skateboarding done. The stunt stuff not the going from point A to point B stuff.

After a while the kids were ready to go and play. What would they like to play? Well, soccer of course. They went over in the field and kicked around the ball.

Father's Day was great. We got to go to church and be spiritually uplifted, and we got to spend time together as a family. Everyone went home happy.

Hope you had a great day Sean, aka, Dad. We lurve you!!