Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Trusty Black Tracer

The year after Patrick was born we decided we needed a second car. After Sean researching, and researching, and researching. (I am not kidding! The man does his homework before all major purchases!) We found our black Ford Tracer. It was used, had very few miles on it, and was in our price range. Look at how little Patrick is! I can still remember the date we bought it. It was one month to the day before Patrick's first birthday. April 21, 1998.

We never named the black car. We just always called it the black car or the Tracer. The Tracer got us through moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Grace came along while we were there and it was our main car. 3 years later we moved back to Logan and decided we needed another car. The Tracer became Sean's main source of transportation. The kids always thought it was cool to get to go in "Dad's car".
About 6 months ago Sean's parents gave us their old car. It is much newer and bigger than the black car so Sean decided to sell. I felt no emotion at all when he said this. He posted it online and in the Herald Journal, the local newspaper. Well, he sold it this week. I didn't see any of the transaction. Suddenly I didn't want to part with the car. The night after it was gone I woke up in the middle of the night with the thought, "I hope the car is ok." I realized I was attached. I really hope I don't see it driving around town!!

The poor thing is much more beat up than the first pictures. I scraped the drivers door with the van pulling out of the garage, one of us hit the side of the garage door opening pulling out of the garage once, but this black car, The Tracer has seen us through fun and hard times. I know it is just a car but I will miss it.
We love you, and will miss you black Tracer!!


LeAnn said...

I remember the night you dropped off Patrick at my house on your way to the hospital to have Grace (Easter Eve, April 14th lol). I walked out to see you and wish you luck. To this day, I still picture you in the tracer and the look of pain on your face. lol

Lorie said...

I always get sad when we get rid of cars. So many memories attatched to it!