Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our 15th Anniversary

15 years ago today Sean and I were married. It was August 20, 1994. The day after I turned 20. Sean claims he didn't marry a teenager. Here we are the summer we got married we went to the local K-Mart and they had a photo booth, they still do actually, but when I tried to get Sean to get in he refused. I guess since he isn't trying to impress me anymore he can tell me no! Look at how skinny I am and how much hair Sean has. Ahhhh, to be young.

Let us jump to the present shall we? This past weekend Sean and I took a trip to Salt Lake City. No kids, just us. Thank you Mom/Grandma for babysitting, we love you. We rode the FrontRunner train, hung out at the Gateway shopping center, watched Harry Potter #6, walked to the state capitol and checked that out. Heck we went to another movie and saw G.I. Joe just cause we could. It was great. Since we have passes to Lagoon we decided to go and ride all the rides together that we never get to ride when the kids are there. It was really fun. We went to Pioneer Village and had our old time picture taken. The shocker... it was Sean's idea. I know I was shocked too! Anyway, here we are 15 years later. More filled out, balder (even though you can't see cause of the hat), Sean can actually grow facial hair now, it has taken years but he can! It was a great trip and we had tons of fun.Here is to the last 15 years and to 50+ more.
I love you Sean Heiner. Now and Forever.


Fun Family Times said...

Very Cute! Sounds like a lot of fun, if you are like us you have to pack a lot of date in when you can get away.

LeAnn said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary!!!