Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Liam started preschool on Tuesday. He was ready!!! Backpack in hand, he was outta here. He has been excited for weeks.

He is going to a school that is run out of a home. A friend in our ward, Kristy, runs a preschool with her sister out of her sister's house. Some other friends have sent their children there and said it was great so we thought we would give it a try. After a week I have to say they were right. I think Ms. Lynn and Ms. Kristy will get Liam ready for kindergarten!! They have been great in getting him excited about school. During the summer they had a water party and invited Liam and for the 24th of July parade Liam was able to join them on their float. He had a great time and when it came time for school to start we just walked in and waved bye to me and was off. GO LIAM!!!

Simon on the other hand was a little mad. He wanted to go to school too. Thank goodness for the public library. Programs at the library are great. Support your local library, they are a great resource and have wonderful programs for kids and adults alike. OK, I am done with my spiel but if it wasn't for our library poor Simon would have been totally left out this year.

Story time has saved us. Once a week Simon gets to go to school. We call it his school at the library. He has his backpack just like the big kids, and he gets to get a name tag just like Liam did last year, and he gets to tell mom bye for a whole half an hour while he listens to the teacher.

I am really surprised he went in. He still won't go to nursery alone, well without a big production about Mom and Dad leaving him. (We also started potty training this week. Think that deserves it's own totally embarrassing post later.)

These two boys really love each other and are having a bit of a hard time being separated but they are doing great and are so happy to see one another after their 2 hour separation. I am glad they can find a best friend in their brother.
We love you little dudes!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School Time

I am late with this I know. I was going to wait until Liam started pre-school after Labor Day to do this post but changed my mind. I figure leaving home for the first time garners it's own blog entry.

Patrick started the 7th grade. This is his second year at Mount Logan Middle School. Can't you just see how thrilled he is to be going!!

I think it might just be that he is sick of having the camera in his face at 7:30 in the morning.

Grace is now in the 3rd grade at Wilson Elementary. She has Mrs. Stauffer (who was Patrick's 5th grade teacher) and so far is loving it! She is really excited because Mom lets her ride her bike to and from school (a whole 3 blocks) by herself. Unlike Patrick, Grace is thrilled to be returning to school. Can't you tell?!?

Maybe she was making this face for the same reason Patrick was making his. Hmmmm going to have to get the camera out more ;)

Well, a week in and everyone is still happy. Keep your fingers crossed. I will have more back to school happiness after the holiday! Talk to you then.