Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This year we got a real tree. I say this because we have had the same fake tree for the last 10 years.

Pitiful ain't it!?!

Well, this year we got to get a real one. I was so excited! Giddy even. Of course I didn't get a picture of just the new tree but here are some of the kids trimming it!!

It was great fun, and I love the smell that is now through the whole house.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!

Sean's Birthday Cake Adventure!!

As you all know at our house you get to pick your own birthday cake. If the birthday person wants one shaped like a car I do the best I can to accommodate them.

December 24th is Sean's birthday. After Thanksgiving he gets down my cake books and slowly flips through them deciding on what kind of cake he wants. So far he has chosen malted milk chocolate, last year was burnt sugar cake. Both worked out great, and thank goodness were just regular round cakes. (I am dreading the year he wants a crazy shaped one.)

This is the book he has picked out all his cakes from.

This year the fates were against me. This year his cake decided to not cooperate with me. The edges were full and tall but the centers fell. They were like brownies... only not.

The centers were literally goop. I cooked them the correct time, I tested them with a knife and it came out clean. I say this as a disclaimer to my abilities as a baker. I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS!! Maybe it was the high altitude. Yeah, that's the ticket. It was the high altitude. (wink wink)

After dumping that cake I turned to my shelf of trusty cookbooks. Ah ha, Pillsbury will save me!! Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. Worked like a dream.

So, now we have Sean's Chocolate Peppermint Layer Cake. Hope it tastes good or I will just sit down and cry.

Happy Birthday Sean-Dad! We love you!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vacuuming is fun!

Liam and Simon love to vacuum. Me, being the sly mom I am, decided to use this to my advantage. The boys room was a mess yesterday and I am sick of being the one to clean it all the time. So... why not get the boys to do it.

Our vacuum cleaner has a handle that can raise and lower. When it is in it's lower position it is the perfect size for my little boys.

Once I got them to pick up all their stuff. After a lot of complaining that it wasn't their mess (yeah right!) The fun began.

They took turns and I think that carpet got vacuumed about 3 time by each of them. Oh, well they had fun and their room is FINALLY clean. Now maybe it will stay that way since they were the ones to do the work!
Cleaning is great!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Living Room Part ???

I keep talking about our house to anyone who will listen and they keep saying I need to post pics. So here you go. Sorry I don't have before pictures of the dining room. We weren't sure if we were going to have enough tiles but were pleasantly surprised that we did!

In the hallway we took out a big cabinet. All of you are invited to come and see it. I am conducting tours!! When we get carpet it will be even better! I will try to be better and post our progress!