Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vacuuming is fun!

Liam and Simon love to vacuum. Me, being the sly mom I am, decided to use this to my advantage. The boys room was a mess yesterday and I am sick of being the one to clean it all the time. So... why not get the boys to do it.

Our vacuum cleaner has a handle that can raise and lower. When it is in it's lower position it is the perfect size for my little boys.

Once I got them to pick up all their stuff. After a lot of complaining that it wasn't their mess (yeah right!) The fun began.

They took turns and I think that carpet got vacuumed about 3 time by each of them. Oh, well they had fun and their room is FINALLY clean. Now maybe it will stay that way since they were the ones to do the work!
Cleaning is great!!!


Fun Family Times said...

It probably won't stay clean, but at least you didn't have to do it all. Your Christmas pictures are cute.

LeAnn said...

You are a smart mommy!!! Just keep them thinking it's fun and you'll be set for life!