Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patrick's 13th Birthday

We celebrated Patrick's 13th birthday last week.All he wanted was a new skateboard. His old one broke in half... literally.

The family came over to have cake and ice cream. I was expecting him to pick this elaborate cake that would take days to decorate. No, he picked pineapple upside down cake. The easiest cake in the world! Thank you Patrick.
As it got darker and the kids were hyped up on Popsicles and cake we decided to start a fire in the fire pit. S mores were in order. The girls ran to the market for chocolate and marshmallows, and the graham crackers were dug out of the back of the pantry.
Once the fire was blazing and the smores were gone Patrick's uncle Aaron started popping popcorn in the fire. His foil pouch wasn't working so the old family popcorn pan was brought out.

It popped pretty well. Overall it was a great party and now we have an official teenager in the house!
Happy Birthday Patrick.
We love you!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Planting a Garden!

Monday was garden planting day. Sean stayed home from work and we got busy.
Sean had to till first. We borrowed a tiller from the neighbor. It was a very old tiller and it was fun to watch Sean wrestle with it.

Liam and Simon were excited to be able to help Dad plant the garden. They went with us to the seed store and got to help pick out what we were going to plant. Corn seemed very important, and so were pumpkins. Since tomatoes came as plants already and not seeds they both picked one and planted it. It was perfect weather and they had tons of fun. Simon would decide to pout right when it was picture time. I promise he had fun. He got very good at putting the dirt on top of the plants.
It was a warm, spring day and everyone worked hard.

Liam taking a break in the shade.

Simon came inside and laid on the floor and announced, "Mom, I worked so hard, I am tired."

I have always wanted to have strawberries and raspberries in our yard. This year I finally got my wish. I made a strawberry hill surrounded by stones that came from the fireplace I tore out a year ago. (Who said it was a waste of good rock ;))And 2 raspberry bushes. I hope the deer don't eat all of them. I am going to have to put up a fence once they start blooming. I know, they look like 2 stubby bushes but one day there will be so many berries I will have to give them away. At least that is my hope.

I will keep you posted on the growth of the Heiner Garden!
Happy Planting!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grace's New HairDo

Grace decided she wanted short hair. I figured if she is brave enough at 9 to do it then... you go girl!

Front view

Side view

and, my favorite, and her's the spiky back view.

Grace looks very, very cute and I love that she now wants me to do her hair (she never did before).
Grace, you are one stylin' chick!

Little Boys Sliding

Where boys get their ideas I have no clue.
Liam and Simon decided it would be fun to slide down the slide on their jungle gym inside the indoor sleeping bags. Maybe they went faster due to the slick material or it was just warmer that way.

It has been cold lately and it was finally warm enough to play outside.

You boys crack all of us up!