Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patrick's 13th Birthday

We celebrated Patrick's 13th birthday last week.All he wanted was a new skateboard. His old one broke in half... literally.

The family came over to have cake and ice cream. I was expecting him to pick this elaborate cake that would take days to decorate. No, he picked pineapple upside down cake. The easiest cake in the world! Thank you Patrick.
As it got darker and the kids were hyped up on Popsicles and cake we decided to start a fire in the fire pit. S mores were in order. The girls ran to the market for chocolate and marshmallows, and the graham crackers were dug out of the back of the pantry.
Once the fire was blazing and the smores were gone Patrick's uncle Aaron started popping popcorn in the fire. His foil pouch wasn't working so the old family popcorn pan was brought out.

It popped pretty well. Overall it was a great party and now we have an official teenager in the house!
Happy Birthday Patrick.
We love you!!!


Fun Family Times said...

WoW! A teenager, at least it's not a girl one!

LeAnn said...

Happy birthday Patrick!!! I remember when you were just a teeny little boy! Good choice for your birthday cake! Yummy!!!

Vicky, thanks for letting me attempt to copy your cake. lol