Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1 part 2: Great Falls

Once we got settled at Sean's parents house we went to Great Falls on the Potomac River. Humidity felt high that evening or maybe it was just that we are used to dry Utah summers, but it was HOT!

The water was going over the rocks and we were hoping to see some kayaking but the current was too strong.

We hiked to the overlooks, and Patrick did his usual great picture taking. It was fun and again I say HOT!

Day 1: The Airport

I don't know about you but I find just being in the airport exhausting. The kids get restless, Mom gets ornery, Dad gets grouchy. That is pretty much what SLC international was like for us.

Finally the kiddos realized there were airplanes out those big windows! They watched them come and go.

Needless to say we got on the plane, made it to Virginia and were ready for some fun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Before we even left Utah

So... vacation day finally is here. Woo Hoo! We decided to go down to Salt Lake City a day early and just have some fun. We stopped at Boondocks, the new fun park near Kaysville. It was fun to watch Liam and Simon try to hit the ball with their club.

Sean and I played after all the kids had gone, we weren't keeping score, well at least I wasn't. I think Sean was because after every hole he would say, "Now, I am 5 under" he was SO keeping score. Fine, he won While the younger kids played on the soft play land Patrick and I rode the go-carts. Sean was watching kids so pictures were not an option. When we got to the hotel we went swimming and crashed. Big airplane flight the next day!

I really am going to try to blog

The internet here seems to be really slow. My pictures won't load and blogger is slower than molasses in January so I am going to save it all up for after I get home and blog then.
If things change, I will start it up

Sorry guys... I shall try again later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Simon's 4th Birthday Party

Since we are going to be on vacation when Simon's birthday rolls around we celebrated early. Aaron and Amy came with their kids and G-ma came too. We grilled, got wet, and had cake and ice cream.Simon wanted a robot cake. After much deliberation about color and candy decorations this is what we came up with.The A's came over and we just hung out. Uncle Aaron performed CPR on Abbie's balloon girl Barbara when she got a hole.

The kids threw water balloons, and played in the sprinklers. I think they had a good time between the crying cause the balloons hurt sometimes.
Presents are the most important part for a 4 year old.

Cars, bubble gun, sidewalk chalk, and water balloons from Mom and Dad.

Coloring books, crayons and candy from Aaron, Amy and kids!

Helicopter, and fire truck from Grandma!

He had a great day and told me the next morning Simon told me his party was awesome.
Happy Birthday Simon. We love you!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liam's Preschool Graduation

This past week Liam graduated from preschool.

He went to Learning Train Preschool with

Ms. Lynn

Ms. Kristy
(he kinda sorta had a crush on Ms. Kristy but shhhh don't tell!)

He loves both of his teachers and had fun with all the kids. He tells me his favorite part of school every day was doing his work. Let's hope that carries into regular school. They made weekly visits to the local assisted living facility to visit their "grandfriends" he couldn't decide if he like that or not. Storytime was his very favorite. It was at the end of the day and he always asked me to be late picking him up so he could listen to the stories. He learned a lot and had a great year.
Thanks teachers!

Singing "Slippery Fish" his favorite song.

Congratulations Liam and welcome to Kindergarten!!