Saturday, July 24, 2010


It is time!
Patrick is now 13 and it is time for braces. I don't know a single kid who wants braces...

but to get that beautiful smile on they go. He looks thrilled right?!?

Give us a pre-smile kiddo!
Now you can see the need for the metal mouth. I think he is Dracula!

Off to the Orthodontist we go. Patrick was not thrilled that I took the camera but he should know by now that Mom brings the camera to all life altering events and he has just got to get used to it!

They put this thing in his mouth called a cheek stretcher so that his teeth stay dry while they put on the brackets. It is too funny to see him! He even posed for me.

Everything went smoothly and now he is getting over the pain of having metal in his mouth rubbing on his cheeks he is one handsome dude!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lincoln Memorial

At the other end of the reflecting pool (which by the way isn't very reflective, and full of moss and slime) is the Lincoln Memorial. Like most of these memorials you have to climb stairs... lots of stairs.

There was shade up there, blessed shade so up we went.
It was very quiet and reverent inside. Everyone showed their respect by their reverence for good ole' Abe. It was great.
Abraham Lincoln did many great things for our country and deserved our reverence.

The Washington Monument

We visited the Washington Monument on our first full day here in D.C. The days are going to start blending together but I am going to try to keep them straight as much as possible.
Anyhoo, after braving the Metro for the first time,

we trudged through the heat and found ourselves at the tallest building in all of D.C..

Thanks to Patrick we know it is 555 feet high and the tip is made of aluminum. No other building (or maybe structure) Washington D.C. is allowed to be taller. Pretty cool!
By the time we got there the tickets to go inside were all sold out so we just looked at it from the outside. The kids wanted to touch it.

Apparently that is as good as going inside. Everywhere you go you can see it, and it helped me keep my bearings in a city with no mountains to help you know north from south!