Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference Doughnuts

Each Conference weekend we make homemade doughnuts. Well, I should say I make them and they eat them. This year was the best year so far. The doughnuts were perfect, (other than the few that I fried a little too long).

Sean ate at least 10. Patrick just as many.

Patrick helped me with the frying up. We had to be fast cutting them out because the dough liked to double up as it sat in the bowl.

The kids couldn't wait and were going nuts. Simon was taking a bite of each flavor. That is probably why I ate too many. I was just cleaning up after Simon. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

So, we got spiritually fed on all the Conference talks and being able to hear from our church leaders, and we were physically fed on some rather tasty doughtnuts.


Fun Family Times said...

Those look delicious!

LeAnn said...


I wish I were brave enough to heat up oil on a stove, but I've experienced one grease fire too many. :(

Fry Daddy sits unused way back in the cupboard because I'm to cheap to buy the oil he requires to fill him up. lol

But I did eat half a dozen Krispy Kremes Tuesday night and really early Wednesday morning. :) I figured it was better for me to eat them, rather than the kids. You know, no sense in letting them acquire unhealthy eating habits at such young ages....

LeAnn said...

But, you should share your recipe, just in case....