Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girl's Night/Day Out

Friday night Sean took the boys and went down to his parents house for the night. This left Grace and I on our own. Oh my, what are two girls to do without the boys hanging around?
Go out of course!
First stop?

Grace was able to order off the regular menu. She was excited to get a regular sized drink and not have to have a kid's cup.
After dinner we had some errands to run. Dad needs a Christmas present so off to Kohl's we go. Shoe department. Grace was very adamant on the fact that I was choosing old man shoes for Dad. I thought they were trendy. We shall see what Dad thinks when he opens his gift. Treats from Lee's and we were home snugged in Mom and Dad's big bed watching
Ramona and Beezus

It was actually a really good movie. Made me think of when I was a kid and read the books over and over again. I fell asleep before Grace did and I have no idea what she watched after I zonked.
Saturday we woke up at our pleasure and got dressed. The deal was I would wear whatever Grace picked for me and she would wear what I chose for her. I didn't get any pics but we both looked cute.
Today was the day we have been waiting for. We were going to the expensive movie theater and were going to watch,

The new Disney movie.
It was an awesome movie. I highly recommend it to anyone. Boys and girls.
It was a great girl's weekend. Grace and I had fun together and I don't think we missed the boys even once!
Thanks for hanging out with me Grace. I love you!